In the reconstructed cottage from the 19th century, we have recreated the extraordinary life lived by the Jamno inhabitants. Two friendly villages, Jamno and Łabusz, were isolated from the world for most of the year because they were surrounded by the sea on one side, and a swampy lake on the other. The isolation of this community contributed to the development of its unusual culture.

In order to show the everyday life and habits of the inhabitants of the mentioned villages, we reached for the Jamno wedding motif, the most famous celebration typical for this community and the accompanying preparations.

The living rooms, kitchen and weaving room have been reconstructed in detail, but the largest room, the hallway, has been devoted to the introduction to the topic.

In the middle of the room, we placed a model of the village and in the corner, we placed a chest with reconstructed wedding outfits that can be tried on. A magnetic board with embroidery patterns and a stand with blocks to imprint the patterns on the fabrics present the rich ornamentation used by the Jamno inhabitants. If you find yourselves in the Koszalin area, be sure to visit Jamno Farmstead.

Jamno Farmstead received certificate for “The best turistic product of West Pomerania District in 2019“.

In a Jamno Cottage
Municipality in Koszalin
Zakres Prac:
conceptual design, executional design, exhibition graphics design
100 m2
Blue Beacon
Karolina Kuklewicz, Anna Maraj, Marcel Urban, Michał Urban