In 2010, the next stage of the education and recreation complex of the Hevelianum Centre construction began on Góra Gradowa in Gdańsk. As part of the revitalization project, the historic building of the Shelter Barracks has been adapted for educational and exhibition purposes.

Our task was to design the guest service centre, entrance area, cloakroom and rooms for conferences, workshops and educational meetings.

The concept of the interiors assumes the development of a mobile space system referring to the ecological activity of the Hevelianum Centre, which will flexibly respond to the changing needs of the users.

Solutions, such as sliding partitions inside the rooms, or maintenance-free cloakroom in the form of lockable cabinets in several modules, serve to facilitate the use of the building both for individual visitors and organized groups.

Our additional task was to design a small multimedia exhibition related to the topic of renewable sources.

We have also created a vector identification for this object, as well as a map of individual rooms.

Barracks in Hevelianum
Barracks in Hevelianum, Gdańsk
Zakres Prac:
conceptual design, executional design, author's supervision, graphic elements design, vector graphics design
500 m2
Mio Design Studio + Shoq Studio + Michał Urban
Anna Maraj, Anna Popławska-Szilder, Paweł Puchniewicz, Przemysław Pulit, Michał Urban
Zdjęcia: Szymon Nęcki