The exhibition „Chojnice – Man in Nature, or Coexistence Experiment” shows natural, as well as historical and cultural elements characteristic for the district of Chojnice and the adjacent areas. In the forest thickets and rivers meanders, you can learn the secrets hidden in them by nature. A man finds his place in this space.

Initially, he experiences the surroundings as an observer or a guest. Gradually, he begins to establish his presence, introduce the human element, create a culture and record its history.

The proportions of human coexistence with nature have changed over the centuries. The cult of nature has disappeared in the technological race, only to return and slowly recover in a new form at the end of the 20th century, where the condition of coexistence is a symbiosis in which not only nature, but also human nature is tamed.

Throughout the three exhibition zones, thanks to numerous interactive devices, visitors can learn the secrets of nature and history. Here you can try yourself at clashing with the European bison, create forest symphonies, watch wildlife, build aqueducts, race in ice boating, wander in the nooks and crannies of history, learn about Kashubian art, or struggle with a machine in a technological quiz and save the planet in an ecological race.

Chojnice Experimentory (Eksperymentarium Chojnice)
Chojnice district
Zakres Prac:
conceptual design, executional design, author's supervision, exhibition graphics design, media design
Shoq Studio
Paweł Puchniewicz, Anna Popławska-Szilder, Przemysław Pulit, Andrzej Ryniak, Michał Szilder