Thanks to the cooperation between the city and the railway, the station in Czyżew has been transformed into a stop on the road that leads to discovering the secrets of the region. The exhibition inside encourages visitors to travel in time through the history of Czyżewo and its inhabitants.

While entering the building, the travellers go back to the period of the industrial revolution and the beginning of the railway in the north-east of Poland. The still functioning waiting room has gained an additional function of an exhibition space.

The room is filled with content concerning the Warsaw-Petersburg railway and the history of the station.

Residents and staff members gave the station objects connected with the railway, which we have exposed in a specially designed display case.

In the next room, we used a chronological key to present the history of the town. We have placed the information, documents, photographs and objects given by the residents in illuminated suitcases, thus taking the visitors on a symbolic journey through time.

Each suitcase contains souvenirs connected with the inhabitants of Czyżew and its surroundings.

We were also asked to highlight the events that were special to the history of the region.

In two separate rooms, we have presented such events, as the visit of the last Russian Tsar Nikolai II to Czyżew in September 1912 and the tragic history of the citizens deportations to Siberia.

The events selected in this way were a pretext for juxtaposing the two faces of Russia, by using contrasting means of expression.

The entrance wall in the Siberian room is filled with envelopes and family letters written during the exile.

We have summed up the whole journey with the events from the most recent history, by presenting a thriving city and the changes that have taken place in the municipality over the last few years.

Museum of the Czyżew Land
City Council in Czyżew
Train Station Building in Czyżew
Zakres Prac:
scenario, conceptual design, executional design, author's supervision, graphic boards design, content
160 m2
Mio Design Studio + Shoq Studio + Maciej Mierzwa Future Solutions
Sylwia Kupczyk-Targosz, Anna Maraj, Maciej Mierzwa, Karolina Nowicka, Natalia Nowicka, Anna Popławska-Szilder