Fishing work depends on the inexorable laws of nature, and in connection with politics and ecology this profession turns out to be quite tough. The days when fishing was a national good are long gone. After joining European Union, new restrictions appeared, which significantly affected the current state of Polish fishing. Many fishing vessels left the ports and many of them were scrapped. They are being replaced by yachts and tourist vessels.

The exhibition is divided into three main themes: in a port, onboard and at the sea. Depending on the individual preferences of the visitors, the content has been presented in three ways. The scenery is the first, most general approach to the topic. The wheelhouse, boat construction and a port constitute a visual background that introduces the issues presented in the exhibition.

The second layer consists of information boards. The texts complemented by photographs convey the actual knowledge about fishing. The last layer includes touch screen applications and projections, which require the viewers to actively participate and thus broaden their knowledge.

At the exhibition, we have combined different ways of approaching the topic. In order to acquaint visitors with fishing vessels and their construction, we have used ship models and new technologies.

In specially prepared showcases, we placed models of boats made by local artists, thanks to which the exhibition has an individual character. Next to it, on the monitor, there is an interactive presentation, with the help of which you can construct a boat yourselves from individual elements, like a stern, a side or a mast.

Between the Port and the See
North Kashubia Local Fishing Group (Północnokaszubska lokalna grupa rybacka),
Merk, Władysławowo
Zakres Prac:
concept, executional design, realization
100 m2
Mio Design Studio
Michał Bednarski, Maciek Chociej, Anna Maraj, Tomasz Matysiak, Dorota Pawlik