15 Aug 2022
Exhibitions, Graphics, Interior

Witkacy in the White Granary in Słupsk

The main theme of the exhibition has been inspired by the museum’s collection. It was quite a challenge to accommodate in this historic building numerous works by Witkacy and other paintings, sculptures, textiles and posters created by 20th century Polish artists that constitute the museum’s…

Exhibitions, Graphics, Interior

Okocimski Pavilion

When it comes to the Okocimski Pavilion, we were responsible for the following projects: permanent exhibition, reception and educational rooms, the identification of the SYMBIOZA Centre for Ecological Education and the design of the website, as well as the design and execution of information boards…

Exhibitions, Graphics, Media

Between the Port and the See

Fishing work depends on the inexorable laws of nature, and in connection with politics and ecology this profession turns out to be quite tough. The days when fishing was a national good are long gone. After joining European Union, new restrictions appeared, which significantly affected…

Exhibitions, Graphics

Museum of the Czyżew Land

Thanks to the cooperation between the city and the railway, the station in Czyżew has been transformed into a stop on the road that leads to discovering the secrets of the region. The exhibition inside encourages visitors to travel in time through the history of…

Exhibitions, Graphics

Around the World

The exhibition shows the richness and diversity of our planet, both in macro and micro scale. You learn here about the Earth’s place in the Universe, the processes shaping the climate, the natural phenomena and the fauna and flora that surround us. You can visit…

Exhibitions, Graphics

In a Jamno Cottage

In the reconstructed cottage from the 19th century, we have recreated the extraordinary life lived by the Jamno inhabitants. Two friendly villages, Jamno and Łabusz, were isolated from the world for most of the year because they were surrounded by the sea on one side,…

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